Bright Light Designs latest news and announcements on projects, people and technology: California Compliance


The lighting industry has its eyes on California in terms of energy legislation. On January 2010, California Title 20 requirements for portable fixture went to effect. It offers five options for compliance with two exceptions: wall mounted swing-arms fixtures can be sold without a bulb-in-the-box requirement, but the lamp is limited to 57W through 2011, and 43W after that. Single Socket picture lights have a maximum wattage of 25W. With multiple sockets, the maximum allowed dips to 15W.

  • 1. The “bulb-in-a-box” fixtures require that manufactures include a compact fluorescent lamp in the product packaging so that a standard screw-based socket can continue to be used, but the bulb has to be energy efficient.
  • 2. A portable fixture will come with a fluorescent bulb resulting in a fluorescent portable lamp.
  • 3. A portable fixture will be manufacture with a new kind of socket GU24 with cannot be used with incandescent lamps only with compact fluorescent.
  • 4. Equipping the portable lamp with an LED light engine that plugs in screws in or self-contained and meets certain efficiency requirements.
  • 5. Portable lamps can be equipped with a single-ended, non-screw based halogen lamp socket. This can be a standard or low voltage light source, but the fixture must have a dimmer or high/low control and the maximum wattage allowed is 100W.